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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Certification : CSA
Model Number : KD-133
Style : Handheld
Power Type : Electric
Power (W) : <750W
Voltage (V) : 220V
Rotation Rate(RPM) : 1200


Material: ABS




Speed: 7 gear adjustable



1: Environmentally friendly ABS material is heat resistant,non-toxic,safe and secure to use.

2: 7 gear adjustable speed,one-button retreat stick,electric acceleration,suitable for all kinds of mixing,convenient and time-saving.

3: Curved handle design,comfortable grip and labor-saving,non-slip and low vibration.

4: Can use one stick to stir or use two sticks together.

5: Stirring quickly,easily and evenly,no fatigue after long time use.

Speed Level Description:

1-2 level: initial mixing speed-for mixing dry items such as flour, butter, potatoes, etc.

3-4 levels: initial stirring speed-suitable for liquid materials, such as salad dressings.

5 levels: used to mix cakes, cookies, and simple bread noodles.

6 levels:suitable for butter,butter and sugar,such as baking-free sweets,dessert snacks,etc.

7 levels: used to pass eggs, frosting and mashed potatoes.

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