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Overview and Specifications:

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Gender : Male
Item Type : HDMI
Model Number : W132

PS2 to HDMI is mainly for Sony PS2 home game to do a high-demand video converter, the PS2’s 480I, 576I, 480P resolution signal lossless HDMI signal conversion, while supporting PS2 audio input, HDMI audio output and AUDIO Analog audio output, effectively prevent, HDMI transmission process, no inconvenience caused by audio;

PS2 to HDMI advantages:
1. HDMI instead of messy PS2 color difference line
2. HDMI quality color less than color
3. This product uses BYPASS video technology, the image quality, contrast, brightness and other non-destructive treatment
4. The game video in the game when the transfer of real-time transmission, format processing and calculation, without any extension (with SCALE 1080P quality into the shape of the processing, compared to the original quality differences)
5. Analog audio output, you can access headphones (to avoid the sound of late-night games affect others)
BYPASS Through Video Technology Advantages and Disadvantages:
Advantages: good quality, do not do any quality picture;
Disadvantages: the requirements of the TV (TV HDMI must support 480I / P @ 60HZ, 576I)
(The current test found that some models of Samsung TV will not be an image, Samsung TV HDMI mainly for 50Hz; please choose to buy)

Due to Bypass through the straight-through technology video processing, the compatibility requirements of the TV slightly higher (the current test found that Samsung’s individual models will not be an image, the user optional)
1. Audio and video synchronization input
2. HDMI output support HDTV HDTV or monitor, projector and so on
3 plug and play, no need to drive;
4 supports all PS2’s display mode
5 does not require an external adapter, only PS2 USB port to provide 5V power supply

Interface Description:
(1) AUDIO ———— analog audio output interface, connect headphones or active speakers
(2) HDMI Output —— HDMI output interface, connect HDMI TV or monitor
(3) USB / 5V Input —— USB5V power supply input interface, connect PS2 USB interface
(4) PS2 Ypbpr Input — PS2 color difference input interface, connected to the PS2 machine

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