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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : UT3562
is_customized : Yes

1. 4.3-inch large-screen LCD display, while displaying battery internal resistance and voltage. 

2. 5-digit resistance reading, test resistance range: 0.0001mQ-3.2kQ.

3. 6-digit voltage reading can test high-voltage battery packs up to 100V. 

4. With manual range, automatic range switching function, alarm function. 

5. With high precision, high resolution and ultra-high-speed
measurement characteristics, 0.5% resistance accuracy and 0.01% high-precision
voltage accuracy.

6. The instrument is equipped with RS-232C, USB Host, and USB Device
interfaces, and standard general data acquisition software, with its own
database function and Excel export function, which can be effectively used for
remote control and data acquisition and analysis.

Brand: UNI-T   

Model: UT3562     

Type: Digital
resistance measuring instrument

range: 0.0001m

supply: 110-240V 

voltage: 100V

Accuracy: ±0.5%

test range: 0.0001 mQ-3.2000kQ

test range: 0.00001V-100.000VDC

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