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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Voltage : 6V
Certification : CE
Warranty : A/N
Average Life (hrs) :
Luminous Flux :
Model Number : DQ306
Features : Ultraviolet Lamps
Color Temp(K) :


Name: LED UV Germicidal Lamp

Material: ABS, silicone, electronic

Battery Capacity: Polymer 500mA

Rated Input: DC5.0V/0.5A

Rated Power: 0.5W

Wavelength: UVA 390-400nm, UVC 270-280nm

Lamp Bead Light Emitting Angle: 120°

Disinfection Time: 5 minutes

Color: white, black

Dimensions: 48*60*22mm

Net Weight: 33g


Working Principle: The UV sanitizer mainly
acts on the DNA of microorganism, destroying its DNA structure and making it
lose the ability of reproduction and self-replication, thus achieving the purpose
of sterilization and disinfection. The sterilization efficiency reaches

Built-in Gravity Sensor: The UV sanitizer
has a built-in gravity sensor. When it is turned over to a certain angle, it
will automatically stop working to avoid damage caused by direct ultraviolet
rays on eyes.

Wide Application: suitable for trash can
lid, toilet lid, wardrobe, car, storage box, pet area, etc.

Operating Instructions:

Power-on: Press the switch button for 2
seconds, the ultraviolet disinfection lamp will start to work, the blue
breathing light will be on, and after regular disinfection for 5 minutes, it
will automatically power off and the indicator light will go out. To suspend
its work, short press the switch button.

Intelligent Protection: During
disinfection, if the opening angle of the toilet lid exceeds 30, the
disinfection lamp will stop working, and it will continue to work after the
toilet lid is placed horizontally.

Charging Tip: During charging of
ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the red indicator will be on. When fully
charged, the green indicator lights up. When the power is insufficient, the red
indicator will flash for 5 seconds, and the ultraviolet disinfection lamp will
automatically turn off.

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